Technical Parameter

Model Pouch Width Pouch Length Filling Capacity Packaging Capacity Function Weight Power Air Consumption Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)
BHD- 180S 90- 180mm 110-250mm 1000ml 40-60ppm DoyPack, Shape, Hanging Hole 2150kg 9kw 300 NL/min 6093mm × 1083mm × 1908mm

Packing Process

  • 1Film Unwinding Device
  • 2Zipper Roll
  • 3Bottom Hole Punching
  • 4Bag Forming Device
  • 5Film Guide
  • 6Zipper Horizontal Seal
  • 7Zipper Vertical Seal
  • 8Bottom Seal Unit
  • 9Vertical Seal
  • 10Tear Notch
  • 11Photocell
  • 12Servo Pulling System
  • 13Cutting Knife
  • 14Pouch Opening
  • 15Air Flushing Device
  • 16Filling Ⅰ
  • 17Filling Ⅱ
  • 18Pouch Stretching
  • 19Top Sealing Ⅰ
  • 20Top Sealing Ⅱ
  • 21Outlettear Notch

Product Advantage

Servo Advance System

Servo Advance System

Easy computerized specification change
Stable pouch advance with less deviation
Big torquemoment of pouch advance, suitable for big volume

Photocell System

Photocell System

Full spectrum detection, Accurate detection of all light sources
High speed motion mode


Spout Function

Even spout seal with good appearance
High spout seal strength, no leakage

Product Application

BHD-180 Series designed for doypack, with functions of making hanging hole, special shape,  zipper and spout.

  • ◉Powder
  • ◉Granule
  • ◉Viscosity
  • ◉Solid
  • ◉Liquid
  • ◉Tablet
standard pouch (4)
standard pouch (3)
standard pouch (1)
standard pouch (1)
standard pouch (2)
standard pouch (5)
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