Technical Parameter

Model Pouch Width Pouch Length Filling Capacity Packaging Capacity Function Weight Power Air Consumption Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)
BHD-280DS 90- 140mm 110-250mm 500ml 80-100ppm DoyPack, Shape, Hanging Hole 2150kg 15.5kw 400 NL/min 7800×1300×18780mm

Packing Process

  • 1Film Unwinding Device
  • 2Zipper Roll
  • 3Bag Forming Device
  • 4Photocell
  • 5Zipper Horizontal Seal
  • 6Zipper Vertical Seal
  • 7Bottom Seal Unit
  • 8Vertical Seal
  • 9Tear Notch
  • 10Servo Pulling System
  • 11Cutting Knife
  • 12Pouch Opening
  • 13Air Flushing Device
  • 14Filling Ⅰ
  • 15Filling Ⅱ
  • 16Pouch Stretching
  • 17Top Sealing
  • 18Outlet

Product Advantage

Duplex Design

Duplex Design

Stable operation,easy adjustment
2 pouches at the same time, double productivity

Photocell System

Photocell System

Full spectrum detection, Accurate detection of all light sources
High speed motion mode

Product Application

BHD-280D Series doypack function & duplex design with Max speed 120ppm.  With additional functions of hanging hole,  special shape,  zipper and spout.

  • ◉Powder
  • ◉Granule
  • ◉Viscosity
  • ◉Solid
  • ◉Liquid
  • ◉Tablet
standard pouch (1)
standard pouch (3)
standard pouch (4)
standard pouch (1)
standard pouch (5)
standard pouch (2)
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