BVS 4-480/6-480/6-680/8-680

Vertical Packager

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Technical Parameter

Model Pouch length Pouch Width Packaging Capacity Film width Lanes No Weight Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)
BVS 4-480 50-180 17-50 160 480mm 4 1800 1530×1880×2700mm
BVS 6-480 50-180 17-30 240 480mm 6 1900 1530×1880×2700mm
BVS 6-680 50-180 17-45 240 680mm 6 2000 1730×1880×2700mm
BVS 8-680 50-180 17-30 320 680mm 8 2100 1730×1880×2700mm

Equipment Characteristics

The automatic packaging machine can automatically complete the multi column automatic quantitative measurement, automatic filling, automatic bag making, sealing, cutting, printing production date and other functions.
Running with servo pulling system,more stable,Higher accuracy
High sensitivity automatic electric eye tracking positioning printing cursor, packaging materials
packaging color, can obtain the complete logo.
PLC control, can be easily set on the touch screen control panel, adjust the packaging parameters. Visual display of production information, and fault alarm, self stop, self diagnosis function, safe and easy to use, easy maintenance.

Solution For Multilanes Stick Bag Packing Machine

Multi-lanes stick bag packing machine running with volumetric cup filler, Complete automatic measurement and filling; it's suitable for small granule product.

Optional Device

  • 1Date code printer
  • 2Straight line cut with easy tea
  • 3Shape Function

★Different products and packing volume will cause speed variation.

Product Advantage

Servo Pouch-Pulling System

Servo Pouch-Pulling System

Easy computerized specifica - tion change over, stable pouch pulling  with less deviation, large torquemoment  qualified for full-load running.

Multi-lane Filling

Multi-lane Filling

Multi-lane filling make huge improvement to packaging speed and capacity. accurate filling, less deviation.

Product Application

BVS Series automatic multilanes stick bag packing machine is available in 1-12 lanes, depending on actual speed and bag width

  • ◉Powder
  • ◉Granule
  • ◉Viscosity
  • ◉Solid
  • ◉Liquid
  • ◉Tablet
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multilane stick (1)
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