Technical Parameter

Model Pouch Width Pouch Length Filling Capacity Packaging Capacity Weight Film width Lanes No Speed(Bag/min) Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)
BVS-220 20-70mm 50-180mm 100ml 25-40ppm 400kg 220mm 1 40 815×1155×2285mm

Packing Process

  • 1Date code printer
  • 2Straight line cut with easy tear
  • 3Piston pump (for liquid or cream)
  • 4Round corner function
  • 5Shape sealig function

Optional Filling Device

  • 1Servo Auger Filler(for powder)
  • 2Volumetric cup filler(for granule)
  • 3Pistion pump(for liquid or cream)

★Different products and packing volume will cause speed variation.

Product Details

Auto Film-aligning System

Automatically align film position during machine operation, avoid the problem of pouch sealing misalignment.

Servo Pouch-Pulling System

Easy computerized specification change over, stable pouch pulling with less deviation, large torquemoment qualified for full-load running.

Integrated Core Control System

PLC, Touch screen, Servo and Pneumatic system compose the drive and control system with higher integration, accuracy and reliability.

Product Application

BVS Series is available in 1 lane and 2 lanes, depending on speed and bag width.

  • ◉Powder
  • ◉Granule
  • ◉Viscosity
  • ◉Solid
  • ◉Liquid
  • ◉Tablet
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multilane stick (1)
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