Talking About The Upgrading Of Packaging Machinery Products

The control and drive technology is the key technology in the field of packaging machinery structure. The use of intelligent servo drives enables the third generation packaging equipment to have all the advantages of digitalization, while establishing a new industry standard. The automation of packaging industry, which started 20 years ago, can no longer meet the flexibility requirements of products. More and more functions are transferred from mechanical power shafts to electronic drive systems. Food packaging, in particular, has stimulated greater demand for equipment flexibility due to the diversification of products.

At present, in order to adapt to the fierce market competition, the cycle of product upgrading is getting shorter and shorter. For example, the production of cosmetics can generally change every three years, or even every quarter. At the same time, the demand is relatively large, so there is a high requirement for the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery: that is, the life of packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of the product. The concept of flexibility can be mainly considered from the following three aspects: quantity flexibility, structure flexibility and supply flexibility.

Specifically, in order to make packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, we need to use microcomputer technology, functional module technology, etc. For example, on a food packaging machine, different units can be combined on the basis of one machine, and different types of products can be packaged at the same time by using multiple feeding ports and different folding packaging forms. Multiple manipulators operate under the monitoring of a host computer and pack different kinds of food in different ways according to instructions. If there is a requirement for product change, just change the calling program in the host.

Safety is a key word in any industry, especially in the packaging industry. In the food industry, safety detection technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Specifically, it is to improve the accuracy of finished ingredients of mechanical products. At the same time, it is also necessary to record the information such as storage operator, ingredient variety, production time, equipment number, etc. We can achieve our goal by weighing, temperature and humidity sensors and other functional components.

The development of motion control technology in China is very rapid, but the development momentum in the packaging machinery industry is insufficient. The function of motion control products and technologies in packaging machinery is mainly to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, which are mainly used in loading and unloading, conveyors, marking machines, stackers, unloaders and other processes. Motion control technology is one of the key factors to distinguish high, medium and low-end packaging machinery, and is also the technical support for the upgrading of packaging machinery in China. Because the whole machine in the packaging industry is continuous, there are high requirements for speed, torque, accuracy, dynamic performance and other indicators, which just fit the characteristics of servo products.

On the whole, although the cost of electronic transmission is generally a little more expensive than that of machine transmission, the overall production cost, including maintenance, debugging and other links, is reduced, and the operation is simpler. Therefore, on the whole, the advantages of the servo system are that the application is simpler, the machine performance can be really improved, and the cost can be reduced.

Post time: Mar-03-2023