BHP-200 Boevan Horizontal Small Premade Pouch Packing Machine Series designed for middle& small size pouch, can offer flexible and economical solution for flat packing.

The machine can make pouch width range is 90-200mm, that pouch length range is 110-300mm, the maximum filling capacity is 1200ml, and packing speed is about 40-60ppm.

The machine’s product advantage is duplex filling nozlle, can improved machine speed and accuracy, also has light walking beam, can keep higher running speed, and extended service life.

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Technical Parameter

Model Pouch Width Pouch Length Filling Capacity Packaging Capacity Function Weight Power Air Consumption Machine Dimensions(L*W*H)
BHP-200 90-200mm 1 10-300mm 1200ml 40-60ppm Flat Pouch 、3/4 side seal、Hanging Hole、Shape 900kg 2.3 kw 200 NL/min 2110×1200×1690mm

Packing Process

  • 1Premade Pouch Stack
  • 2Pouch Opening
  • 3Air Flushing Device
  • 4Filling
  • 5Pouch Stretching
  • 6Top Sealing

Product Advantage

Duplex Filling Nozlle

Duplex Filling Nozlle

High speed
High accuracy

Light Walking Beam

Light Walking Beam

Higher running speed
Longer operational life span

Product Application

BHP-200 premade pouch packing machine,designed for middle& small size bags 、offer  flexible and economical solution for flat  packing.

  • ◉Powder
  • ◉Granule
  • ◉Viscosity
  • ◉Solid
  • ◉Liquid
  • ◉Tablet
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