vffs 6-lane stick bag powder packaging machine



Product parameters

Pouch sample


General Description

1. Efficient: Bag – making, filling, sealing, cutting, heating, date / lot number achieved in one time;

2. Intelligent: Packing speed and bag length can be set through the screen without part changes;

3. Profession: Independent temperature controller with heat balance enables different packing materials;

4. Characteristic: Automatic stop function, with safe operation and saving the film;

5. Convenient: Low loss, labor saving, easy for operation and maintenance.

6.It used for milk powder packing machine,such as vffs Vertical Multi Lane milk powder Stick Packing/Packaging machine,Multilane Stickpack ,stick pack machine.

7.Multi-lines packing machine adopted advanced PLC and photoelectric control system. You can choice single lane,2 lanes,4 lanes,6 lanes,8 lanes,10 lanes,12 lanes Automatic milk powder Sachet Stick Packaging Machine and more.


Product Advantages

Auto Film-aligning System

Automatically align film position during machine operation,avoid the problem of pouch sealing misalignment.

Servo pouch-pulling system

1、Easy Computerized Specification change

2、Stable pouch pulling with less deviation

3、Large torquemoment qualified for full-load running

Multi-lane Filling

1、Multi-lane filling make huge improvement to packing speed and capacity

2、Accurate filling,less deviation

Main Components

Electrical and Pneumatic Components:

Please specify, if you require specified vendor to electrical and pneumatic components. If not, we will use our default vendor. You may ask us for our default vendor list.

Please note that cost may increase, if specified vendor is selected.

Main Components



Allan Bradley USA/Siemens/Mitsubishi

Touch Screen

Allan Bradley USA/Siemens/Mitsubishi


Siemens/Mitsubishi Japan

Servo Motor

Siemens/Panasonic Japan


Autonics Korea

Main Motor

ABB Switzerland

Pneumatic Parts

Festo German/SMC/CAMOZZ

Vacuum Generator

Festo German/SMC/CAMOZZ

Selected Configuration

Date code printer

Straight Line Cut with easy tear

Hole punching device

Auger screw Filler(for powder)

Volumetric Cup Filler(for granule)

Electrical Gear Pump(for liquid)

Piston Pump(for liquid or cream)


Used for packing, such as honey,tomato paste, ketchup, sauce, shampoo,  hair conditioner, jelly bar, fruit jam,yoghurt, facial cream, liquid chocolate, ice cream paste etc.





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