The domestic substitution process of packaging machinery in China market speeds up and the industry has huge development potential

Packaging machinery refers to the machines that can complete the packaging process of filling, wrapping, sealing, etc. of all or part of the commodities. According to the degree of automation, packaging machinery can be divided into automatic packaging machine and semi-automatic packaging machine; According to different functions, it can be divided into filling machinery, filling machinery, labeling machinery, sealing machinery, strapping machinery, multi-functional packaging machinery, etc. Commodity packaging is a necessary condition for goods to enter the circulation field. Nowadays, with the continuous development of the social economy and the continuous improvement of the national living standard, there are more and more kinds of goods, the market demand for packaging machinery is increasing, and the industry has a good development prospect.

In recent years, in the context of the continuous improvement of automation requirements in food, beverage, medicine, chemical industry, electrical appliances and other industries, the output of domestic packaging machinery continues to increase. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the domestic output of special packaging equipment in 2020 will be 263400 units, with a year-on-year growth of 25.2%; In 2021, the output of special packaging equipment in China will be 754300 sets, with a year-on-year growth of 57.1%. As one of the world’s largest commodity producers and sellers, China’s packaging machinery industry has also become one of the sub sectors with rapid development speed in China, and the industry has huge development potential.

According to the 2022-2026 in-depth market research and investment prospect forecast analysis report of packaging machinery industry released by New Horizon Industry Research Center, the upstream of the packaging machinery industry chain is the supplier of raw materials and parts, mainly including steel, plastic, glass and other raw materials, as well as drive devices, transmission devices, control systems, motors, actuators and other parts; Midstream packaging machinery manufacturers, including Tetra Pak, Krones, KHS, Bozuo Machinery, etc; Downstream is the application market, mainly including food, medicine, chemical industry, daily chemical, electrical appliances, books, etc., with a wide range of applications.

China’s packaging machinery industry started late. There is still a big gap between domestic packaging machinery enterprises and foreign advanced enterprises in terms of technology reserves, capital investment, etc. Foreign enterprises occupy the main market share of China’s packaging machinery. In recent years, driven by market demand, the number of domestic packaging machinery enterprises has been increasing. As of the first half of 2021, there are nearly 22000 related enterprises in China. Experience accumulation and technology upgrading have driven the continuous rise of domestic enterprises, leading enterprises such as Boburn Packaging Machinery have emerged, and the process of replacing domestic packaging machinery brands has been accelerating, with huge development potential of the industry.

According to the industry analysts of New Horizon, with the continuous rise of domestic enterprises, the integration speed of the packaging equipment industry will continue to accelerate, the core competitiveness of leading enterprises with independent research and development capabilities will continue to strengthen, and the industry concentration will continue to rise. It is expected that the domestic packaging machinery enterprises will occupy more market shares in the market competition in the future, which is expected to further accelerate the domestic substitution process in the Chinese market, and the industry has huge development potential. With the continuous popularization of industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, the domestic packaging machinery industry will continue to develop towards high automation, intelligence and efficiency in the future.

Post time: Oct-21-2022