Stick Pack Packaging

Stick Pack flexible packaging was introduced and adopted primarily in the food and beverage industry in the 1970s. Ideal for consumers anytime, anywhere. The raw materials for packaging are mainly paper, aluminum or synthetic materials. They make the shape of the package easy to adapt to the nature of the product.

Applications in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are very innovative and highly technical. These departments have been pioneering in providing new solutions to attract consumers. Therefore, they have always had a huge demand for packaging.

The basic difference between stick-shaped packaging flexible packages is that they are single-dose containers. These elongated tubular, easy to open and precisely dispensed bags are extremely versatile because they can hold liquid, granular, powdered, viscous or creamy products. Bar-shaped bags can be easily carried and consumed anywhere, to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

The main advantages of strip packaging are:

Can contain many different products, such as mixed drink powder, sweeteners, vitamins or nutritional products.
High productivity and low maintenance costs.
Package capacity is more efficient and there is less white space.
Easy to open for a more precise dose.
Small, light and discreet.

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Post time: Oct-23-2019
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