Standard process of popular science double-out to bag packaging machine

Double-outlet bag-feeding packaging machine is a kind of high-quality packaging requirements, and the packaging speed is fast. It can also realize three-sided sealing, four-sided sealing, bag-type flat bags, zipper bags, etc.; equipped with different metering devices to meet powder, granule, The packaging requirements of liquid, paste, solid materials and other materials are equipped with a flexible processing station that can automatically take out the bag, open the bag, detect, fill, seal and other packaging processes.

The series bag feeder is an economical and reasonable packaging choice. Packaging range: raw materials, cosmetics, food, medicine, health products, chemicals, suitable for powder, granule, liquid, paste, solid materials and other materials that need to be packaged, such as: nuts, millet, black rice, flour, condiments, tomatoes Sauce chili sauce, salad dressing, honey, fruit juice, beverage, enzyme solution, chili sauce, etc.

The prefabricated bags are stacked in two layers

Flip bag device

Bag opening device

Blowing device

A filler

Secondary filling

The exhibition package is ready, block the finished product

Finished product

Suitable for prefabricated stand-up pouches or flat bags, prefabricated special-shaped flat bags or special-shaped stand-up pouches, prefabricated standard stand-up pouches, prefabricated flat pouches or self-supporting pouches with zipper function, prefabricated flat pouches or straight nozzle stand-up pouches, prefabricated flat pouches or oblique suction Spout stand-up pouch packaging. Special note: According to the needs of users, it can be equipped with inkjet printers, embossing coding machines, vacuum equipment, packing machines, rear packing machines, palletizing unloaders, vacuum packing machines, bucket elevators, dust collectors, mixers Such equipment constitutes a production line of products, and learn about pre-made bag packaging machines/bag feeders, horizontal roll film packaging machines, horizontal self-operated bag packaging machines, double-out equipment packaging machines, and ancillary equipment.

Post time: Aug-20-2021