Stand-up pouch Packing Machine

Stand-up pouch, also known as doypack, is a type of flexible packaging which is able to stand erect on its bottom for display, storage, and use. It is a type of  bag but sometimes also has bottle characteristics. Doypacks are commonly used for powders or ready to drink beverages. The bottom part of a stand-up pouch is gusseted to provide support for display or use.

They can be aseptically filled or filled on normal packaging lines.

The packaging machinery  involved typically forms the pouch from preprinted roll stock. The preformed pouches are shipped to a packager where they are filled and the top is sealed.

The alternative is an integral form-fill-seal machine, whether vertical or horizontal. The equipment forms the pouches, fills the pouches in-line, and seals them. With foods, drinks, or medical products, special sanitizing and wash-down requirements are critical.

dried mango fruit stand up pouch packaging

Post time: Nov-04-2019
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