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Technology has given packaging a new look. Among them, the bag packaging machine has realized packaging automation for pharmaceutical companies. The operator only needs to place a few hundred bags in the bag taking part of the equipment at a time. The mechanical grip of the equipment will automatically take the bag, print the date, and open the bag. The bag is measured by the signal to the measuring device, and the material is blanked, sealed and output.

Doypack Premade Bag Packing Machine for nuts

It is reported that customers can also add detailed functions such as emergency stop for door opening, automatic card insertion, and abnormal discharge according to packaging requirements. The entire packaging process does not require manual operations, which effectively improves production efficiency, saves labor and management costs for the company, and greatly reduces Cost.

In addition, the bag-type packaging machine can also achieve multiple functions in one machine. Users only need to match different metering devices according to different materials to achieve automatic packaging of particles, powders, blocks, liquids, and other products.

At present, with the rapid development of automation and intelligent technology, fully automatic bag-feeding packaging machines have emerged. This type of packaging machine is composed of a measuring machine and a bag-feeding packaging machine. The work is completed through intelligence and mechanization, and unmanned workshop management can be realized, which has received widespread attention and favor from the industry.

Although automatic bag packaging machine has outstanding advantages, reasonable operation can bring many benefits to the enterprise, but in the actual operation process, after many users’ reaction, the equipment often has some failures.

Fault 1: The film material is easy to shift when the equipment is working and cannot be fed normally. How should we adjust in this case? Some factory technicians said that if the film material is shifted in the equipment, the adjustment of the film roll position and the tension balance bar is invalid, the problem can be solved by adjusting the angle of the upper triangular plate. In addition, if the upper film material deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted clockwise; the lower film material deviates from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted counterclockwise.

Fault two, the shrinking machine heats up slowly or cannot rise to a higher temperature. What is the reason for this situation? It is reported that the main power line of the heater goes through a magnetic switch and then to the electric heating tube. Therefore, when the shrinking machine heats up slowly or cannot rise to a higher temperature, you should first check whether the contacts of the magnetic switch are normal. Generally speaking, if the circuit does not pass through one of the phases, the above phenomenon will occur; if the magnetic switch is normal, check the meter to see if the ohmic value of each phase is the same as that of the machine; if all phases are connected but the circuit or electric heating If the tube is still abnormal, the heater needs to be replaced.

Fault three, the sealing is not flat or not sealing. The reason for this failure is related to whether the heating time is adjusted well and whether there are impurities on the heating isolation cloth. The user needs to adjust the heating time and heating temperature. If there are attachments on the heating isolation cloth, it should be cleaned and replaced in time to prevent it from affecting normal work.

In addition to understanding the common faults of the bag packaging machine and the corresponding solutions, the technicians in the workshop also need to pay attention to the daily maintenance work after the bag packaging machine is used, so as to ensure the normal use of the equipment next time , And extend the service life of the equipment.

Post time: Apr-29-2021