Granule packaging machine

The pellet packaging machine has been developed for nearly 10 years. The research and development of various manufacturers is not balanced, but they are all moving in the same direction: speed and stability. From the initial number of guide rail positioning points to today’s fiber count. The advantage of the fiber counting method is that it is accurate and does not jam. The tailwind is very slow. Therefore, many manufacturers are willing to choose packaging machines to locate and count the guide rails. In the long run, packaging machines for fiber counting methods will become the mainstream in the future. Although the fiber counting method is slightly slower, it can count most materials and can even be made into a general-purpose particle packaging machine.

1. What is a granule packaging machine?

Before talking about the pellet packaging machine, let us first understand the concept of “packaging machine”. The packaging machine is mainly used for the assembly of the whole line of packaging production and the packaging of products. The former mainly includes sorting granule packaging machines, bagged active packaging machines, filling machines, etc., while the latter mainly includes balers, vacuum packaging machines and sealing machines. , Coding machine, etc. The speed of the granule packaging machine is 70-120 bags/min, and the required power is about 2.5 watts, which can quickly carry out granule packaging. In addition to the first use, it can also be used to package electronic components, food, etc., such as tablets, candy, etc.

Granule packaging machine display

What is the structure of the pellet packaging machine?

The pellet packaging machine mainly includes three parts: the whole frame, the paper supply part and the transmission mechanism assembly. Generally speaking, the entire cabinet is made of stainless steel, which can withstand chemical and electrochemical corrosion, and can resist high and low temperatures. The paper supply part should be chrome-plated on the outer layer to increase firmness and aesthetics. Due to the working characteristics of the transmission mechanism components, the requirements for strength and wear resistance are very high, so the built-in components (such as cutting and drive shafts) must be hardened with high-strength steel.

How to choose a granule packaging machine?

(1) Look at the manufacturer: The manufacturer’s commitment is the primary factor for us to choose a pellet packaging machine. Because such manufacturers not only trust product quality, but also provide good service. If we buy the pellet packaging machine in an informal way, we will not be able to defend our rights well if we suffer losses.

(2) Touch the product: When purchasing, you must carefully check whether the various components of the pellet packaging machine are firm. Generally speaking, the appearance of high-quality packaging machines should be smooth, smooth and bright.

Post time: Aug-20-2021