General Principles For Food Packaging Machinery Selection

In order to meet the requirements of food packaging technology, the materials and containers selected for food have good adaptability, and the requirements for ensuring packaging quality and packaging production efficiency are advanced, stable and reliable, low energy consumption, and convenient for use and maintenance;

Pay attention to mechanical versatility and adapt to the packaging needs of a variety of foods. Meet the requirements of food hygiene, easy to clean, no pollution;

There are reasonable and reliable control devices for the conditions required for food packaging, such as temperature, pressure, time, metering, speed, etc., and automatic control methods are used whenever possible. Long-term production of a single product, the use of special-purpose machinery;

When producing a variety of products, the same type, multi-size products, the use of multi-functional machinery, one machine can complete a number of packaging operations, improve efficiency, save labor and reduce floor space. Improve workers’ working conditions and reduce labor intensity.

Post time: Nov-29-2018
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