Features and operation method of vertical packaging machine

Performance characteristics of vertical packaging machine:

1. Equipped with safety protection, in line with corporate safety management requirements;

2. Using intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is accurate, to ensure that the sealing is beautiful and smooth;

3. The use of PLC servo system, pneumatic system, and large display touch screen constitute the drive control core, which greatly improves the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine;

4. This machine and metering configuration can automatically complete the metering. Feeding-filling bag making-date printing-inflating (exhausting), the safe packaging process of finished product conveying, and automatically complete the technology;

5. The touch screen can store the packaging process parameters of a variety of different products, which can be used at any time when the product is changed without resetting;

6. ​​There is a fault display system to help troubleshoot the fault in time;

7. It can be made into pillow-shaped bags, pin-in bags, empty bags, etc. according to customer needs.
Vertical packaging machine operation method:

1. Turn on the main power of the machine, seal the shaft vertically and horizontally, and preheat the date printer to the set temperature;

2. Check whether the date ribbon, packaging film, and electric eye are installed correctly;

3. Turn on the date printing switch, send the packaging film to the predetermined position, start the motor, make 4 or 5 empty bags, stop the machine for inspection, and then turn on the unloading switch to work normally after passing (check whether the empty bags are qualified);

4. Turn off the feed switch before shutting down, and then turn off the motor power (to prevent clamping, damage to the tool, etc.).

Note: 1. Frequently check and clean the tooth-shaped sealing parts of the horizontal and vertical shafts;

2. Add a proper amount of lubricating oil to the sliding parts such as the horizontal seal shaft;

3. Electric brake pads and speed control belts are absolutely forbidden to refuel!

Post time: Jul-21-2021