3/4 side seal flat pouch twin link packing machine boxed completed

Today, the two horizontal fill form seal packing machines have been boxed and will be sent to Thailand. This machine model is BHS series, suitable for flat bags, 3/4 side seal sachet flat pouch twin link for powder, granules, capsules and liquids. Here are some technical parameters:



Packaging process

Film Unwind,Bag Forming,Photo Cell,Bottom Seal,Vertical Seal,Filling,cutting,Top Seal,outlet conveyor


1.Control System: PLC programmable computer controller , touch screen, photocell sensor, encoder and inverter with high integration guarantee reliable operation.

2.Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor puller for precise bag width and position of film.

3.Independent digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.

4.easy and fast adjustment of change over, smooth performance and low noise, perfect package appearance, Sensible safety device and no pollution during production.



Post time: Nov-01-2018
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