1kg powder automatic pillow bag packing machine for powder/ sugar


package process



Machine Technical Parameter

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Pouch example

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General Description

1.Weighing accuracy 0.5 to 1.2gram.

2.Computer control and English-Chinese touch screen for easy operation without stopping the unit.

3.Intelligent  temperature controller for easy adjustment and good application to various laminated film and paper.

4.Packaging diversification, such as pillow bag,  gusseted bag,  hole punched bag etc.

5.Full automation from bag forming,  filling, sealing, cutting and date printing.

6.Multi-heads scale filling system for filling accuracy and good application to various kinds of products.

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Servo Film Pulling System

1、High Accuracy in bag length and positioning.

2、Smooth in Film Pulling

3、Lower Friction and operation noise

Servo Horizontal Sealer

1、Easy to adjust sealing pressure.

2、suitable for various packaging material and

3、bag type, high sealing strength without leakage.

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  • Layout

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    Main Components

    Electrical and Pneumatic Components:

    Please specify, if you require specified vendor to electrical and pneumatic components. If not, we will use our default vendor. You may ask us for our default vendor list.

    Please note that cost may increase, if specified vendor is selected.

    Main Components



    Allan Bradley USA/Siemens/Mitsubishi

    Touch Screen

    Allan Bradley USA/Siemens/Mitsubishi


    Siemens/Mitsubishi Japan

    Servo Motor

    Siemens/Panasonic Japan


    Autonics Korea

    Main Motor

    ABB Switzerland

    Pneumatic Parts

    Festo German/SMC/CAMOZZ

    Vacuum Generator

    Festo German/SMC/CAMOZZ

    Selected Configuration

    Date code printer

    Straight Line Cut with easy tear

    Hole punching device

    Auger screw Filler(for powder)

    Volumetric Cup Filler(for granule)

    Electrical Gear Pump(for liquid)

    Piston Pump(for liquid or cream)


    This machine is designed for pillow bag and gusseted bag packaging.It is suitable for photo chips,snack granules,popcorn,peanut,nut,coffee beans,coffee powder,seasoner granule/powder , aginomoto,white sugar,grains,seeds, water,nuts, Banana Chips,plastic/hardware granules etc automatic packaging.

    1.pillow bag

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    2.gusseted bag 

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